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The Holy Gospels of St. Luke and St. John

A beautiful way to read the Gospels

  • Complete text of Luke and John.  
  • Story-by-story format. Large print.
  • Finest images of sacred art.
  • Gorgeously bound with leatherette cover and ribbon.
  • Exquisite gift for children and adults.


  Holy Gospels

Rosary Flip Book

The perfect aid for the family Rosary

  Rosary Flip Book

The Gospel of St. John
Latin Vulgate Edition (paperback)

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Meditations on the Mysteries of the Faith
by Venerable Louis De Ponte, S.J.

  • Louis De Ponte was a 17th century Spanish Jesuit renowned as a spiritual master.
  • Recommended by St. Francis De Sales, the Meditations are a master course in Catholic prayer.
  • Volume I includes a guide to mental prayer and meditations regarding Purgative Way.
  • Available in hardcover, paperback, or e-book.
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